June 24, 2009

Obama Again Reminded What To Do

After days of criticism by Republicans, President Obama finally spoke out against the political environment in Iran. Confidently as ever, Obama said he would wait and see how things "play out." And why not? After all, when Neville Chamberlain went to Munic to meet with Hitler, we saw the grand and glorious outcome of appeasement--and what wonderful peace was had by all!

Now, I'm not advocating that Obama needs to do anything, but drawing attention to the fact that if there was something that needed done, Obama would be the last person to pull the trigger. Iran is a sovereign nation and if the Iranian people are tired of living in tyranny, then THEY must do something about it. In a little over a week from now, the United States will celebrate their independence from England. The colonists ignited a spark of freedom and liberty within each other and rose up and fought back the strongest military force of the day. The colonists refused to live in bondage--the Iranian people need to do the same.

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