November 13, 2009

Criminal Court: Threat Level Red

Five prisoners from Guantanamo have been transfered to New York to be tried in civilian court. Obama appointed Attorney General, Eric Holder, has ordered these five transfered to New York City. Holder said, "After eight years of delay, those allegedly responsible for the attacks of September 11th will finally face justice." IN CIVILIAN COURT?! These terrorists planned an act of war against a nation and you want to try them as common criminals? Vying for future votes I see. Guantanamo already has a war crimes court and is capable of trying these scum. But, why go through all of that trouble? After all, our media is great steward of information. Let's let this be done in the open, in common civil court. Now, rest assured that Holder said some "confidential" matters "may" have to be closed from the media. May?! Do you realize that every second of these trials will be broadcast on al jazeera and be sure terrorists will mark their targets - the people involved, the buildings. Yes, good call having this in civil court. Holder is confident that the jury will be impartial. So, we know who will be on the trial. 6 rational Americans, 3 Islamo-Facists, 2 Bush haters, and Michael Moore. That's pretty impartial all right.

Among those on trial will be the master-mind behind 9/11, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. However, even though Obama will claim justice will be sought, there is question as to whether Mohammed's confession will be accepted because, according to the Obama administration, he has been waterboarded 183 times in March of 2003. Obama says this was torture and by inference, we can conclude that he is against it. That's right! How barbaric of the United States to "torture" the master-mind behind the largest terror attack on the mainland of America in our nation's history! We should have just asked nicely and if he didn't give any information, he mustn't be an enemy. Just let him go. Only those who give information at the bribe of a lollipop should be taken seriously. This guy is the President of the United States?!

Even the wife of a slain 9/11 victim is encouraging the trial because justice is only served when it is served in court. Again, the whole world will know where Mohammed is at that point. You really want to be present at that time? Furthermore, by bringing them to civil court, they will have more Constitutional rights granted to them. These murderous cowards are not citizens, they have NO Constitutional rights. They need to stand before a firing squad and let the bullets be the jury. I cannot believe we are treating these terrorists as our own citizens. That's what Obama must think about his fellow-citizens -- we are no different.

Mark my words, the decisions made over the next 3 years will set our country back, not allow us to move forward; and my even cost more American lives here at home.

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