November 28, 2009

I know! Let's Let The Enemy Join Us!

According to Fox News, the military is trying a new tactic in the fight on terror. The idea is to have Taliban bribed into quiting the fight and taking refuge within the coalition. And why not? These people are completely trustworthy, I'm sure this will prove successful. Successful for the Taliban that is. They will use this opportunity to implant terrorist cells within the coalition and and destroy us (Ft. Hood ring a bell?!) The wisdom on this move is lacking. These terrorists are on a mission according to their religion. To give in to the coalition, in their mind, is to give into Christianity - which is something that they cannot bring themselves to do. The only thing the Taliban understands is getting the snot bombed out of them. You can't negotiate with these people. You can't be diplomatic. I'm sure this is another one of Obama's brilliant ideas. This guy needs to be impeached!

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