November 23, 2009

Of Course, Here We Go Again

Nidal Hasan is figured to plead insane and not guilty. And, with our courts, he'll get away with it. I don't care how insane someone is, the act of murder was still committed. Secondly, if is going to claim insanity, then the Army will have some answering to do about why they continued to employ an insane person. Now, they'll say they never tested Hasan for insanity and had no reason to. Which I say, "Exactly!...because he's NOT INSANE!" He knew exactly what he was doing and as a typical Muslim terrorist, he is being a coward. So, he'll be paraded in front of our drooling media and then set free. Later, he'll blow himself up as a suicide bomber and take out hundreds of innocent people with him. Hmmmm...I take it back, he is insane.,2933,576125,00.html

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