November 24, 2009

The Times Gets It, Republicans Don't

Conservative Republicans have devised a way to ensure that if the GOP is to support candidate, the candidate must meet certain criteria. This criteria is spelled out in a check list. The thought is that a candidate must hold to at least 7 positions on the checklist. I admit I haven't seen the check list yet, but if the list involves basic Conservative principles, they should have to agree to all items on the list. There is no "partial-Conservative." If you are a true Conservative, conservatism will dominate your life's actions and choices; as well as what policies you support or not. Now, the New York Times is reporting this story and they make a very interesting observation. ( They make the claim that the only way Republicans will take back Congress is if they move the party away from the center and towards Conservatism! It's a sad day for Congressional Republicans when the New York Times gets it and you don't. Now, if this becomes adopted within the party, will they also be in favor of having a citizenship test (check list) for immigrants who are attempting to gain citizenship? By the way, a citizenship test causes the immigrant to learn about our way of Government and our History. Through that study, you get a good idea of our culture. You also understand it isn't your job to come here and make us change to fit your ways. That's called cultural assimilation and it preserves a nation. If you think this is crazy, just ask your average German what they feel about the Turkish people "taking away their jobs."

Back to the topic at hand. The Times also reports of the RNC Chairman, Michael Steele will have a big challenge on his hands. If this check list is approved, Steele, who probably wouldn't meet even 1 of the list items, will have to rescue the "moderate" Republicans and keep them joined together with the Conservatives of the party. "I'll take Obvious Reasons the GOP is in Shambles for $200, Alex." The Republican Party is distancing themselves from Conservatism. It isn't Rush Limbaugh who is splitting the party, it is non-Conservative Republicans driving the wedge deep. And, this is extremely obvious and personified in the current RNC chairman.

I don't want Republicans to take back Congress. I want Conservatism to take back Congress. 2012, here I come!

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