April 18, 2010

Lincoln vs Reagan

After a recent mini email debate, I want to fully expound upon the debate topic. I took the position that Ronald Reagan was the greatest President in US History and, until I'm elected, he will be the only one in that status ;) The other position said that Abraham Lincoln was a better President than Ronald Reagan. The post today will evaluate the Lincoln presidency and the Reagan presidency.
The Lincoln presidency is highlighted by the Civil War. The Civil War saw the potential division of the nation resolved to maintain a Union of all states. So, what did Lincoln bring to the table?
One could argue that the Civil War was a result of Lincoln's election. He was hated in the South because of his opposition to slavery. South Carolina seceded first after the election. In 1863, Lincoln gave his famous Emancipation Proclamation which was supposed to be the freedom the slaves were longing for. In actuality, this did very little to free the slaves. It didn't apply to any southern areas that were already controlled by the Union and didn't apply to the states of Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland, and Delaware. The Proclamation stated, "all persons held as slaves...are, and henceforward shall be free." In return, the South gave the illustrious one-finger salute. In my opinion, the Emancipation Proclamation was the single event to prove that Lincoln had no control over the entire country nor had the ability to maintain it. Remember, Lincoln didn't win the war, Grant did. Now, you might argue that the Emancipation Proclamation changed the view of black men. They were allowed to join the Union Armies and Navies. What?! They were finally allowed to join the UNION military?! How does that discrimination of the North differ from any of the South? Now, before we go on, it would be good to read http://theconservativeanthem.blogspot.com/search/label/Slavery to study the full, historical account of slavery in the US.

What other accomplishments of the Lincoln presidency are often overlooked because of the Civil War?

1. The Homestead Act of 1861 - a Federal subsidy program for land
2. The Morril Act of 1862 - a Federal subsidy program for education
3. Revenue Act of 1861 - Hello Federal Income Tax
4. 1862 - Hello IRS!
5. 1862 - Lincoln suspends Habeas Corpus without Congress' approval - later deemed unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court.
6. 1863 - Lincoln institutes the draft
Contrast this to Reagan's time in office. The election of Lincoln fueled the South to secede from the Union. The election of Reagan - the very day he took office - saw the end to the Iranian hostage situation. Reagan defeated a formidable military force in the Soviet Union without firing a single shot. Lincoln defeats his own countrymen after 600k Union soldiers give their lives. Reagan takes top marginal tax rates from 70% to 28% and the economy roars. The Federal Treasury's intake doubles from 450 billion to 900 billion because of the tax breaks. Reagan stands in Berlin and gives an "Emancipation Proclamation" of his own to free those enslaved by Communism, but again, without requiring 2 more years of bloodshed, Reagan ends the Cold War and brings freedom and liberty to eastern Europe.
If Lincoln fails, we have a divided America. If Regan fails, we have no America. To me, the choice is obvious - Reagan wins, hands down. Unfortunately, if Obama keeps rolling back the Reagan Revolution, those in the future won't be honored to realize its benefits.

April 17, 2010

In There Own Words: Nancy Pelosi and Obama

Nancy Pelosi has no idea what's in the health bill.  Well, yes she does - she knows what's in it will kill this country.  The details are irrelevant to her.  Glad to hear we are in good hands!

Obama thanks the wonderful people of Sunshine, Florida.  Sunshine, Florida is inland from the Cape Coral area (South-West Florida).  However, when he thanks Sunshine, he is doing it from Sunrise, Florida which is near Ft. Lauderdale (South-East Florida).  Oh to be so smart!

Here's one of my favorites from the Originator of Optimal Oration

Obama admits he has no experience and has no place in the White House.  All this just 4 years prior to getting into the White House.  "I'm a believer in knowing what you're doing"  That's garbage!  I'm a believer in doing what's right!  A murderer knows exactly what he's doing, but it isn't right. 

This is a horrible rendition of the National Anthem, but a fitting demonstration of Obama's true "respect" for this country.

From The Tea Party

What Happened with Hannity

Dear Fellow Citizens and Taxpayers,

I hate to write this email, because this controversy detracts from the message and the purpose of our rallies. Our goal with everything we do is to spread our message of our shared values - free markets, fiscal responsibilty, and limited government. Regardless, Chris and I have been getting bombarded with questions and I want to share with you what we know.

First, a bit of history. We were already underway with planning for this event when we learned that Hannity was coming to Cincinnati for his book tour on Tax Day and was planning a separate event. We were ready to sign a contract with UC for the arena and we paused because of the risk of competing events. We were concerned with our ability to cover costs for the event if Hannity drew people away.

Chris made contact with Fox producers and we agreed to work together. He would cover our event for Fox and would broadcast his show from Cincinnati. It worked out for everyone. We got a media spotlight on our message, they got a great backdrop for them to do a show.

We executed our contract with UC and then Fox did the same. While we coordinated schedules for the event, they had no contract with us, nor any financial interest in what went on. At no point was money exchanged between Fox and the Cincinnati Tea Party or Hannity and the Cincinnati Tea Party.

This was the root of the controversy. Earlier today, George Soros-funded Media Matters jumped on the fact that we sold tickets to cover the cost of the event as evidence that we and Fox were "profiting" on the event.

Despite knowing clearly that this was not true, Fox caved and pulled Hannity back to New York.

About 4:30 tonight, I was standing talking to people in line for the book signing when I heard people start saying that Hannity was not coming. I tried to find the source and I found out that local media was reporting that Hannity had been deverted while in route and was heading to Lunken Airport. I went downstairs to find Chris and we found that the Fox producers had locked themselves in their "green room" and that we were not allowed in.

Eventually we were allowed into the room where we spoke with two Fox producers. The senior producer explained that Hannity had gone back to New York for an emergency and that he couldn't tell us anything more than that. He was very apologetic and strongly hinted that it was a personal emergency. He even said they had a guest host on standby for his program tonight.

Given the explanation, we believed them. We asked about getting some of his show guests to speak and Joe the Plumber was added to our lineup. Even if we were skeptical, we didn't have time to wait - UC Police were insisting we announce information to the restless crowd in the concourse. We then made the announcement to the crowd with the information we had and moved forward with the show.

We continued to work to gain information while the show was on as we were hearing more rumors that Fox had pulled him because of the controversy above. Eventually, Chris spoke to a Fox VP who took responsibility for pulling him because we charged for tickets.

The Fox staff we worked with planning the event knew exactly how it was structured and it was no surprise to anyone that we charged for tickets. In fact, Hannity was well aware as he plugged the event and reminded people to get tickets multiple times on his shows.

I want to point out a couple of things in response.

First, Hannity promotes conservative causes/organizations/groups/events all the time - this is nothing new.

Second, I reject the accusations of "profiteering" from the event. Cincinnati Tea Party is a non-profit, political organization, and 100% volunteer. Not a single person has ever personally profited from anything we do. In fact, we each donate hundreds of hours of our time trying to build this movement and spread our message.

This event cost (numbers aren't final - we will get billed by UC for security, cleanup and other costs) over $50,000 and took thousands of man-hours to get done.

None of us are event organizers or promoters. We are ordinary citizens with jobs and families who do this in our spare time because we love our country and passionately believe in our values.

I've already recevied angry emails from some who are disappointed that Hannity did not come. We will honor all refund requests. We will have a process setup within the next 48 hours to get that done. In the meantime, I need to get some sleep and prepare for my day job.

I understand the frustration - I really do. Keep in mind that this is what the left wants. This is why Media Matters attacked us and Hannity and started the chain of events that led to Fox pulling him out - it's because they fear the power of our message.

Instead of talking about what a wonderful event it was, I'm talking about a completely manufactured controversy. And it was a great event. We had almost 10,000 people show up and listen to a great lineup of speakers and music. We sang our national anthem and ended with God Bless America.

I know I speak for the 300+ people who volunteered their time to help make this Tax Day Tea Party a success when I say that we will not be intimidated, silenced, or bullied. The fact that we were the targets of a leftist attack today or that Fox stupidly gave into pressure just adds to my resolve to fight onward.

Our message is too important and too powerful to do anything less. Our freedom and our country are worth fighting for.


Mike Wilson

Founder, Cincinnati Tea Party


This Guy Gets It!

A reporter approached this gentleman and was curious as to how he exactly fit into the tea party movement.  The reporter must have this idea that "black people" aren't conservatives.  So, she wishes to patronize him by asking him if he feels uncomfortable - insinuating that he's out of place without his brothers.  Listen to his response.  Taste it!

April 13, 2010

National Health Care Reeks Of Compassion

A woman in California had been undergoing cancer treatments and was in remission.  She was on a list to receive an organ from a donor.  During this time, the Government sent paperwork to her telling her that she is eligible to receive Social Security benefits for her three year old son.  She decided to take advantage of this and signed up.  This was in March.  Well, come April, Medicaid told her that she was no longer entitled to her universal health care because the disability benefits caused her income to rise above the allowable level for Medicaid.

Let this be a lesson to all - the long arm of Liberalism appears to be benevolent, but beware; the other arm of Liberalism is primed and ready to pick your pocket.  The promises of government will ultimately be your demise.  Health care is the responsibility of each of us, not collectively, but individually.  I wonder how many could afford health care for their families if they weren't spending their health care money on cable or on a brand new car which depreciates by roughly 50% over the first 4 years it is off of the lot (with 20% of that coming in the first year).  See, we spend money on the things we really want to spend money on.  We have left the principles of deferred gratification in favor of instant gratification by financing our lives through debt.  Then, when we have no money (because of our own choices) we expect the government to come in and save the day.  It's not fair that someone who has worked all their lives are enjoying the fruits of their labor and I'm not - unfortunately, that's the attitude of many in America.  Don't try keeping up with the Jones' -- in reality, the Jones' are probably broke anyway.



Medicare Income Requirements for California:

Medi-Cal Programs – Qualification at a Glance (Asset limits are the same for all programs: Single: $2,000; Couple: $3,000)

Program / Requirements Your Monthly Income

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

•65 or older, blind or disabled

Single: up to $845/month

Couple: up to $1,407.20/month

Note: Higher income levels apply for individuals who are blind.

Aged & Disabled Federal Poverty Level (A&D FPL) Program

•65 or older, blind or disabled

Single: up to $1,133/month

Couple: up to $1,525/month

Medi-Cal with a Share of Cost (SOC)

•65 or older, blind or disabled

Single: over $1,133/month

Couple: over $1,525/month

250% California Working Disabled (CWD)

•Have work

•Meet Social Security’s definition of disability

•Pay small monthly premium

Single: up to $2,257/month

Couple: up to $3,036/month Note: Income excludes disability benefits


April 11, 2010

MSNBC Out Of Touch

MSNBC is running a piece about the Obama Economy.  Just as they are delusional to their own readership, they seem to be delusional on everything else.  The story says to ignore the polls because the markets indicate the economics that Obama is using is working.  On Friday, the DOW did reach 11k again and the S&P 500 is up 74% since the recession began.  But, what are the markets really a factor of?

When we speak of markets, there are the stock/securities markets (DOWJIA, S&P 500, etc.)  There are also markets in the retail world and in the corporate world.  The "market" is an invisible entity that houses the transactions of business.  Through these transactions, the markets thrive or shrivel.  When it comes to the securities markets, it is a little different.  The securities markets make their transactions, not based solely on the transaction of goods and services, but based on speculations.  When disastrous things happen in society, the securities markets do what?  They tank!  When the tide of these events is stemmed, what do the securities markets do?  Just like the spouse that was cheated on, they try to slowly regain trust in the other.  The securities markets slowly try to regain trust in the economy.  So, they "readjust" themselves and basically march forward with the notion of "this is the way it is now, let's just hold out and see what happens."  So, the market moves on down the road, moving up and down in value.

So, the DOW just hit 11k again.  All is well, right?  Last week, on April 6th, the jobless claim came out and it was a big surprise to the economists.  It rose by 18,000!  It was no surprise to the rest of us who actually have a clue.  Unemployment still at 10% (arguably higher since after so much time, this number doesn't include people who are unemployed).  Obama claims he will have laser-like focus on jobs and the economy.  The only laser he is using is a destructive one.  Not only this, the Federal Government is spending money like there's no tomorrow and charging it to future generations.  There was a story from the Tax Policy Center that reports the amount of people not paying any Federal Income Tax is now at 47%.  So, just about half of Americans pay no income tax - thanks to all of the deductions, credits, etc.  Now, I'm all in favor of getting my money back from the government and I'll take it when I can get it.  But, 47% pay no federal income tax.  Why?  Well, I have a theory:

Why do we find crime to be higher in poorer neighborhoods?  I know there are all kinds of studies on this, but the main reason is desperation.  When you've lost all hope but still have the need to survive, what do you do?  Do you regard the law?  No.  Do you regard others?  No.  You do what you need to do to survive, regardless of the lives of others; regardless of this country.  People who are told every day by their government that their poverty is a direct result of mean, capitalistic rich people and that their only hope is government, begin to actually believe it.  For the most part, who is easier to control, form a Government standpoint?  Those that have the least amount of money.  Therefore, to make their poverty more comfortable, they offer tax credits, etc. so that they do no have to pay Federal income tax.  This isn't done out of benevolence, but of sinicism. 

Now, don't walk away from this saying that I'm against tax breaks because I'm not.  However, to get a tax break you have to pay taxes!  If someone is going to loss weight, they have to have that weight to begin with - you can't lose weight you don't have and you can get a tax break on that which you don't pay.

So, unemployment is still high; almost half of America is subliminally being encouraged to remain poor and we have a Government who takes no regard for the people - whom they work for!  That's why they passed Health Care.  That's why Obama rolled-back the Regan Revolution by signing an Arms reduction, not with Russia, but with ourselves.  We will reduce our Arms, but you think Russia will?  But, in typical liberal fashion, we don't care about the facts, we just want Russia to like us again :)

The economy is improving?  Hardly. 

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