April 17, 2010

In There Own Words: Nancy Pelosi and Obama

Nancy Pelosi has no idea what's in the health bill.  Well, yes she does - she knows what's in it will kill this country.  The details are irrelevant to her.  Glad to hear we are in good hands!

Obama thanks the wonderful people of Sunshine, Florida.  Sunshine, Florida is inland from the Cape Coral area (South-West Florida).  However, when he thanks Sunshine, he is doing it from Sunrise, Florida which is near Ft. Lauderdale (South-East Florida).  Oh to be so smart!

Here's one of my favorites from the Originator of Optimal Oration

Obama admits he has no experience and has no place in the White House.  All this just 4 years prior to getting into the White House.  "I'm a believer in knowing what you're doing"  That's garbage!  I'm a believer in doing what's right!  A murderer knows exactly what he's doing, but it isn't right. 

This is a horrible rendition of the National Anthem, but a fitting demonstration of Obama's true "respect" for this country.

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