April 13, 2010

National Health Care Reeks Of Compassion

A woman in California had been undergoing cancer treatments and was in remission.  She was on a list to receive an organ from a donor.  During this time, the Government sent paperwork to her telling her that she is eligible to receive Social Security benefits for her three year old son.  She decided to take advantage of this and signed up.  This was in March.  Well, come April, Medicaid told her that she was no longer entitled to her universal health care because the disability benefits caused her income to rise above the allowable level for Medicaid.

Let this be a lesson to all - the long arm of Liberalism appears to be benevolent, but beware; the other arm of Liberalism is primed and ready to pick your pocket.  The promises of government will ultimately be your demise.  Health care is the responsibility of each of us, not collectively, but individually.  I wonder how many could afford health care for their families if they weren't spending their health care money on cable or on a brand new car which depreciates by roughly 50% over the first 4 years it is off of the lot (with 20% of that coming in the first year).  See, we spend money on the things we really want to spend money on.  We have left the principles of deferred gratification in favor of instant gratification by financing our lives through debt.  Then, when we have no money (because of our own choices) we expect the government to come in and save the day.  It's not fair that someone who has worked all their lives are enjoying the fruits of their labor and I'm not - unfortunately, that's the attitude of many in America.  Don't try keeping up with the Jones' -- in reality, the Jones' are probably broke anyway.



Medicare Income Requirements for California:

Medi-Cal Programs – Qualification at a Glance (Asset limits are the same for all programs: Single: $2,000; Couple: $3,000)

Program / Requirements Your Monthly Income

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

•65 or older, blind or disabled

Single: up to $845/month

Couple: up to $1,407.20/month

Note: Higher income levels apply for individuals who are blind.

Aged & Disabled Federal Poverty Level (A&D FPL) Program

•65 or older, blind or disabled

Single: up to $1,133/month

Couple: up to $1,525/month

Medi-Cal with a Share of Cost (SOC)

•65 or older, blind or disabled

Single: over $1,133/month

Couple: over $1,525/month

250% California Working Disabled (CWD)

•Have work

•Meet Social Security’s definition of disability

•Pay small monthly premium

Single: up to $2,257/month

Couple: up to $3,036/month Note: Income excludes disability benefits


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