June 29, 2010

How It Is

President Obama swung into view, riding a tidal wave of garbage wrapped in shiny paper.  The extent of his Administration reaches no further than the "What's Wrong?" page in Highlight's Magazine.  However, people loved him.  Like never before, people came out and voted for Obama.  People were tired of having to work or find work and Obama provided such an outlet for the Government to be the all-powerful genie.  The experience he brings to the White House is now being made manifest in the hard work he is doing to help in the Gulf.  His Communist rhetoric vomits from his mouth like Old Faithful with the American people there to catch it on their faces.  So, what is a President with no experience to do?  Exactly what anyone in that situation would do - appoint someone else with no experience to the Supreme Court.  Obama was the worst President in history, even before he was elected.  But now, he is cementing this for the history books.  The Jimmy Carter of our lifetime is moving this nation, not towards a beacon of hope for the world, but to the dung heap. 

When he was sworn in, he was under oath when he said, "I...swear to faithfully execute the office of President of the United States; and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States..."  Has he preserved, protected, or defended the Constitution?  No - he's taken occasion to shred it and ignore it at every turn.  So, he has essentially lied under oath.  Lying under oath is a felony.  Article 2, sec. 4 of the US Constitution states that a President can be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors.   Is a felony a greater offense than a misdemeanor?  Yes!  I think you know where I'm headed with this.  Let's hope when both houses are retaken for Conservatism this November and, if we can't impeach him, we can stop his legislator tornado on the spot.

June 20, 2010

Washington's Failure To The Gulf

Great information chronicaling the great incompetence of President Obama.  I make a motion for a vote of no confidence.


June 16, 2010

More Predictions Coming True

I posted back in January that 1 of my 5 predictions had actually come true:

Just days after my 2010 predictions hit the blog, we have some fulfillment. Here is a brief recap of the 5 predictions made:

1. Universal Health Care will finally be agreed upon in both houses of Congress and will be sent to the President's desk by the summer.

2. Republicans will take back both houses of Congress in November.

3. We will sustain more terrorist attack plots like we did in 2009. With some happening while the terrorism trials take place in NYC.

4. Obama will further his plans to develop his own Waffen SS

5. If Health Care passes, these grass roots tea parties will put heavier pressure on the Government, in so much as we may see skirmishes break out.

#4 is our winner today! See my post on the Federalization of the National Guard (http://theconservativeanthem.blogspot.com/2010/01/more-chains-from-obama.html)

Concerning #2, don't expect the media to report on the attitude of the country. They will report what they want you to believe in hopes of swaying your vote. This country is angry! This Congress isn't off the hook yet!

So, now it is June and we have more predictions that have either come true or will come true.

#1 came to pass must sooner than I expected - health care passed, America lost

#5 We haven't seen the Tea Parties behaving disorderly, but we have had Democrats attempt to insight disorderly behavior by the Tea Partiers.  In fact, we've even had Democrats make up lies about racial slurs shouted by the Tea Partiers.

#2 We are still a ways out from November, but we already are getting a glimpse as more and more primaries happen

#3 I'm going to make a prediction that the BP Oil explosion was an attack foisted internally and the reason Obama isn't doing anything about it is because he needs this disaster to shut down oil drilling in this country and push further legislation down our throats.

Once #2 comes true, I'll have a few new predictions to offer.  

June 5, 2010

Assumed Speeding Is Now Worth A Ticket

So, now the Ohio Supreme Court has decided that Due Process is just a misnomer.  This week, they upheld a cop's testimony that he observed the assailant speeding.  What was used to determine this massive break of the law?  Was it radar?  No.  Was it the cop speeding without his lights on and this guy blew by him?  No.  Did the driver drive by the cop and yell out his speed?  No.  The cop simply just "witnessed" him speeding.  The just eye-balled it.  So, the Court decided that was enough to convict this menace to society.  So, now a cop doesn't have to prove anything about speeding.

Once again, the Court is over stepping its bounds to forward an agenda.  

Wal-Mart Fires Employees That Display American Intuition

When has America turned into a nation that is afraid of self-defense?  Wal-Mart is leading the charge.  Here are a few stories that might interest you, nay, infuriate you.

1.  An elderly Wal-Mart greeter is fired for defending himself

2.  Wal-Mart employee apprehends a shop lifter only to lose her job

3.  Wal-Mart employee chases after a shop lifter

I guess we can suffice to say that if Wal-Mart was in charge back then, America would still be under the British Throne.

June 3, 2010

Obama Goose-Steps To Arizona

In yet another attempt to force Arizona to forsake its sovereignty, Obama is going to meet with Governor Jan Brewer.  The amazing thing about this whole ordeal is that Arizona passed a law that the Feds already have on the books and just won't enforce it.  Obama, because he absolutely detests anyone circumventing his absolute authority, is going to try to persuade the good Governor that she is out of touch with reality.  See, reality to democrats is a world of make-believe.  Obama is going try to convince her that these people she's keeping out of her state have rights.  But, they may have human rights, but they do not have Constitutional Rights and they are not protected under United States law.  Now, CNN is making it seem like there is this massive onslaught against Arizona's new law.  They want you to think America is against this law.  However, according to a Rasmussen Poll, 70% of Americans favor this law.  So, taste it Libs.


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June 1, 2010

America Will Rise Again

Countries do not attract immigrants based on the amount of Socialism or Communism it has.  In fact, Communistic countries have to use military forces to keep their people in - hence the former Berlin Wall.  Ronald Reagan said that America was the shining city on a hill.  A hill makes the city rise above the rest.  The light that shines from it reaches far and wide.  What shines about America?  Is it a Government that subsidizes its citizens?  Is it the amount of "intellectuals" it has?  Is it the amount of tolerance and racial diversity?  No.  It never was about that nor will it ever be.  

America shines because its citizens realize that they must look to themselves and exhibit innovation.  Progress in America isn't measured by how many minorities gain favorable status by the State.  Progress is how the American economy and spirit thrive on the fuel of freedom and liberty.  Progress is America, not only being the best country on Earth, but marching forward to lead the world.  

Hopefully this November, America will drop the cargo cars it has been pulling these past few years and just motor full steam ahead to restoring the exception country, that is America.