June 3, 2010

Obama Goose-Steps To Arizona

In yet another attempt to force Arizona to forsake its sovereignty, Obama is going to meet with Governor Jan Brewer.  The amazing thing about this whole ordeal is that Arizona passed a law that the Feds already have on the books and just won't enforce it.  Obama, because he absolutely detests anyone circumventing his absolute authority, is going to try to persuade the good Governor that she is out of touch with reality.  See, reality to democrats is a world of make-believe.  Obama is going try to convince her that these people she's keeping out of her state have rights.  But, they may have human rights, but they do not have Constitutional Rights and they are not protected under United States law.  Now, CNN is making it seem like there is this massive onslaught against Arizona's new law.  They want you to think America is against this law.  However, according to a Rasmussen Poll, 70% of Americans favor this law.  So, taste it Libs.


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