June 1, 2010

America Will Rise Again

Countries do not attract immigrants based on the amount of Socialism or Communism it has.  In fact, Communistic countries have to use military forces to keep their people in - hence the former Berlin Wall.  Ronald Reagan said that America was the shining city on a hill.  A hill makes the city rise above the rest.  The light that shines from it reaches far and wide.  What shines about America?  Is it a Government that subsidizes its citizens?  Is it the amount of "intellectuals" it has?  Is it the amount of tolerance and racial diversity?  No.  It never was about that nor will it ever be.  

America shines because its citizens realize that they must look to themselves and exhibit innovation.  Progress in America isn't measured by how many minorities gain favorable status by the State.  Progress is how the American economy and spirit thrive on the fuel of freedom and liberty.  Progress is America, not only being the best country on Earth, but marching forward to lead the world.  

Hopefully this November, America will drop the cargo cars it has been pulling these past few years and just motor full steam ahead to restoring the exception country, that is America.

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