May 27, 2010

Obama Takes Attention Off Of Arizona

Recently, President Obama announced that he was going to send 1,200 National Guard troops to help protect the borders.  I'm not sure how 1,200 will make any different, but he's going to do it.  Why?  Because he loves America?  Hardly.  Because he wants to secure the border?  No - he's lose more voting base.  Because he cares for the lives of Americans?  You're nuts if you believe that!  The only reason he's doing this is because he's angry that Arizona is showing Washington what to do. 

At the beginning, Obama was upset with Arizona, but in an odd move, he seems to be listening to the people and the people like what Arizona is doing.  Obama, the spoiled brat that he is, can't be shown up by a measly little state, so he thinks of a solution.  "Why not send some troops to the border?"  "Oh man, they are going to love me again!  I can't wait to share...what was that honey?  Oh...ok...I'll get back to the vacuuming."

Don't let this fool you, he is trying to steal the attention away from Arizona and get it back to himself.  He can't survive but in the limelight.  But, we can feel confident when 1,200 troops show up to help protect the border from the invasion of illegals.  I'd say send another 1,200 to Washington to prevent the invasion of Democrats.

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