May 8, 2010

Precept Without Penalty Is Only Advice

In this age of sensitivity and tolerance - which is just an excuse to castrate masculinity - we wish to find the reasons why people commit crimes rather than simply punishing the action.  Murderers are not at fault anymore, it is the fault of the influence from their alcoholic parents.  Rapists aren't at fault, it is because they were abused as a child. The parents of the murderers aren't at fault because alcoholism is a disease.  Where does this line of thinking come from?  Obviously, there is a general apathy towards personal responsibility and this attitude is being ingrained into the minds of our children.

Instead of dealing with a child's rambunctious ways, we want to drug them under false diagnoses, with false medical conditions (ADD, ADHD, etc.).  What child doesn't have a problem, at one time or another, giving undivided attention to their teacher?!  We want to say they aren't at fault for their behavior - so children get drugs.  Teacher's aren't allow to command control of their classrooms anymore because liberal parents do not recognize them in loco parentis which means "in place of the parent."  For many years, teachers were viewed as the authority over of the children while they were at school.  This authority was viewed with as much importance as the parent's authority.  This even extended to the area of discipline.  Teachers had the authority and the responsibility to discipline their students.  This even meant spanking.  Teachers had paddles and would use them to warm the cheeks of the unruly bunch.  Now, spanking if far out of the question.  Furthermore, as reported in the Boston Globe, red ink for grading is just "[too] frightening" for the students.

Schools have been strangled by liberal parents and now we are raising generations of men with lace on their britches and generations of women that places more importance on a career rather than children and a family.  But alas, perhaps Texas will lead the way in restoring spanking back into schools.  What reason does a kid or an adult have to obey the law if there are no repercussions?  The penalty of misbehaving must out-weight the joy of misbehaving.  Until we get back to this principle, in our homes and in our schools, don't expect future generations to fair any better.


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