December 13, 2008

Bingo, Folks!

We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.

--Ronald Reagan

Liberals Shivering in the Dark

One of the most dominating feelings for humans is fear. A slight notion of fear is able to destroy a mountain of confidence. As we grow older, we like to think that what we fear less compared to our childhoods. However, if you are a liberal, your fear certainly hasn’t been abated.

One of the most used freedoms by college students is the freedom of speech. Both sides of the ideology readily utilize this freedom. Although everyone is equally entitled to this right, on the majority of college campuses, freedom of speech is a one-way street. Students, professors, and perhaps administrators feel the only way to grow in college is to walk down the liberal path. For this reason, we endure indoctrination from professors, rather than honest education. As well as, we constantly see posters all over campus that bash either Republicans or the President. If we truly desired diversity, we would eagerly welcome the conservative viewpoint. The first reason why liberals fear conservatives is because deep down, they know we’re right. If liberal ideas stood by themselves as truth, why would they worry about having conservative ideas being challenged against them? Nothing defeats truth, unless your position really isn’t truth. Empty platitudes do not provide a strong foundation for any political stance, but out of fear, Liberals hide in these platitudes. The question is, what is it exactly that they are fearing? After exaimining their positions, one can only come to the conclusion that they fear losing power. They want their positions to be forced on everyone so badly that they will lie to gain the power needed to make those positions a reality. You can't force Christianity on people, but feel free to force Global Warming and Environmentalism on us--just asinine.

Another damaging reason why liberals fear conservatives is because, as we saw in the 2004 election, that’s who this country is. And let's not get confused, in 2008, the country didn't show a leaning away from Conservatism because Obama was elected. Remember, McCain was on the ballot, not Conservatism. McCain lost, not Conservatism.

Liberals are a dying breed and the only bastion of hope they have rests in the courts. What they can’t win at the ballot box, they try to win in the courts. Not only elections prove this, but also conservative talk radio. Bill Moyers referred to the Sean Hannity Show as a “freak show of political pornography.” Just a side note, notice that because they know their wrong, all they can do is name call. If liberalism is so attractive, why does Hannity enjoy 418 station-affiliates nation wide but his liberal counterpart, Allan Colmes, enjoys a measly 62? Not to mention our Doctor of Democracy, Rush Limbaugh, and his 22 million plus audience covering 651 stations nation wide. (2005 numbers)

Probably the last reason why liberals fear conservatives is that conservatives run on issues. Liberals have talking points and typical rhetoric that we will hear again in ’06 and ‘08. Rhetoric like “Tax cuts for the rich”; “Seniors will lose benefits”; “Racist, bigot homophobes” and even like the Missouri radio ad that ran in 2000 that said if we elect Republicans, another black church is going to burn. Issues matter to people. When someone presents a clear conservative agenda and takes a stand on issues, he’ll win every time. The reason liberal’s won’t run on issues is because it would be a sure loss. Imagine an honest liberal TV or radio ad.

“I want to raise your taxes. I can spend your money better than you can. I want to kill your babies and I vow never to vote yes on a bill that prohibits abortion but I will vote yes on every bill that protects animals. I believe the criminals need to be understood, not prosecuted. I believe the law abiding should never carry a gun because I want criminals to have more freedom than those that obey the law. I don’t care about our military, nor the Constitution. So, vote for me because I have a plan.”

It is easy to hide behind talking points. If this country really understood a liberal’s position, elections would be no contest. In fact, that is why Limbaugh will move liberal callers to the front of the line and give them more airtime than he gives some of the conservative callers. He wants America to hear their foolishness.
If we didn’t have truth on our side, we’d be fearful too. The quick sands of liberalism have snared most college students into believing a lie, and by believing it, causes them to live in fear. But fear is not the end of the road, with Conservatism, you can live in confidence.

December 7, 2008

Keep Christmas PC This Year!

Before the Christmas shopping season begins on December 24, I always like to make sure that my seasonal festivities are complete with decorations that are politically correct. After all, in this day in age when being offended is an abridgement of Constitutional rights, I want to be positive my decorations are not categorized as Right-wing-Evangelical-Republican dogma. To that end, I’ve made some slight modifications which should keep everybody happy.

The first thing people see is the outside of my house. Since I don’t want to offend anybody, I can’t put up colored Christmas lights. And be it far from me to put up all white lights. Next I need up put up a light-up Santa and maybe a reindeer display. Santa is too Christmasy, so I have to think of someone else that just gives away stuff for free and only cares about you once a year. Therefore, I’ve chosen a light-up Democrat Congressperson but I’ll have to rig up some sort of backbone to keep it erect—former Arkansas Governors need not apply. Now the reindeer are going to be trouble. PETA wouldn’t be too pleased by seeing reindeer whipped and pulling a sleigh, so I think I’ll just have our Santa stand-in stand next to a Yugo. The only normal decoration that I wouldn’t have to change would be the icicle lights since the sickle was apart of the Soviet flag (pun intended). Finally, the last thing I needed was a nativity scene. I didn’t want to portray normalcy as a man and woman being married, so I had to find two guy statues to play Jesus’ parents. All the animals of course had to be donkeys. And, I couldn't allow a baby Jesus to portray His birth, so I left the manger empty to show that pro-choice was acceptable.

Let’s move inside the house. The first thing I need is a Christmas tree. To keep the environmentalists at bay, I couldn't just go cut a tree down. By doing so, I might cause the Alaskan Snow Owl to have to take up residency in a K-Mart sign—which might prove there is still a necessity for K-Mart. I thought about getting a plastic tree, but plastic is made from oil, and if I buy a plastic tree, I’ll just be supporting the evil capitalistic gains of Big Oil. So, I figured I needed to find a seasonal plant. The only thing I could find that would be acceptable to the PC crowd was a marijuana plant. Since hanging ornaments would be offensive to the anti-capital punishment crowd, I just turned them loose on the floor around the plant. The real difficulty was choosing an acceptable plant topper. Stars are pointed and therefore not OSHA approved. And, angels are associated with a higher power (formerly God) by which we talk to him by a moment of silence (formerly prayer). Since nothing would do, I had to leave the plant topless—a top qualification on the Clinton intern application form. Next, I had to hang the stockings but I considered stockings might be offensive to people with large feet, so this Christmas will remain stockingless—another qualification on the Clinton intern application form.

Lest you take me seriously, I just wanted to portray the kind of Christmas we’d be enjoying if the PC crowd had its way. But thanks be to God that the gift He gave is not just for those who were good all year, but is given for the whole world, regardless of how "good" you think you are. Merry Christmas.

December 5, 2008

Now There's A Reason To Go To Washington

Because Congress can't control its appetite for spending, they have embarked on creating a Congressional Visitors Center because Harry Reed is tired of smelling tourists that bake in the summer sun. What does this have to do with Constitutionally running our nation? Absolutely nothing -- but hey, if Congress concerned themselves with that, we might think there was an IQ total of at least 100 under the capitol dome. Have no fear folks, your tax dollars are hard at work, paving the way for more congressional crap.

The Visitors Center is now costing 621 million. Now, this money has been well spent to maintain the important parts of our history -- as liberals see it. There is no mention of God in this center and, in the center, it states that our national motto is "E Pluribus Unum." What?!! Our national motto is "In God We Trust". Who made this thing?! Have they studied history at all? And, of course they have. They just don't like it, so they want to revise it to fit their needs.

Now, with the advancement in technology, I'm going to give you a tour of the visitor's center. Yes my friends, we can get a sneak peak right now:

As you walk up to the main entrance, there is a sign indicating which lines people are supposed to stand in. In true liberal fashion, Conservatives must stand at the end and Christians are informed to go home. After you pay the admittance tax, you walk into the grand entry hall. To right is a concession stand, manned by Ted Kennedy arguing with a sign that reads, "No Alcoholic beverages." The sign seems to be winning. Straight ahead is the hall of shame. In this hall, the visitors walk through and are shown images of America and they are encouraged to hang their heads. For those who do not comply, they are ushered into a detention room where they must listen to Robert Byrd and Joe Lieberman give riveting monologues. To the right in the grand entry hall is a gift shop selling over-priced crap the memorialize one's visit. Nancy Pelosi is really proud of the product selection. There are Hillary Clinton dolls, complete with interchangeable pantsuits. There are commemorative John Kerry purple hearts and botox needle key chains. Barny Frank's book, "Lisps for Dummies." Al Franken's "Host Your Own Radio Show At Home" kit, with the same low ratings the real show gets. Let's not forget John McCain's body pillows that seem to hug you and while you squeeze back it hunkers down and says, "My Friends!" Ted Kennedy sent back to the coffee mugs and replaced them with shot glasses, complete with his shinning, smiling face. How could you not want to buy something in here?!

After you leave the Hall of Shame, you enter the George Vornovich room. This room is nothing more than a small drops of water hitting you on the head to simulate George's crying. After this room, you enter the "Obama/Biden Theatre" where you watch clips from the campaign. It isn't supplied, so bring your own note pad to count all of the lies. The only highlight in this is the Penny Cartoon in the middle.

Upon exiting the theatre, you are ushered into a lecture hall for indoctrination, followed by a rousing verse of the Soviet national anthem. Now, you can leave. The doors marked exit only take you back to the Grand Entry Hall. You must find the door that says Freedom to escape this madness. It is a small door, but a proud door. It doesn't boast of great things, but the people that walk through it boast of Freedom.

Just wait until they start building the visitors center to the Clinton Estate -- I'd knock before you went in...

December 3, 2008

Rewarding Failure

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed are drooling over the possibility of handing out more money to failures. The auto industry is reaping what it sowed over the past ten years and now they are crying all the way to Capitol Hill to ask daddy for some help. The CEOs of the "Big 3" say that bankruptcy isn't an option and that this bailout money is desperately needed. What would happen if the "Big 3" went bankrupt? Americans would keep buying foreign cars as they are doing now! The American car makers have been producing cars that can't compete with the foreign cars and now they are whining because their sales are terrible. If the Government bails them out, it will only alleviate the symptom, not fix the problem. To fix the problem, let the Market rule. If a company is bad, it closes down and allows the better companies to experience further growth--that's all part of business. These bailouts will have the same affect they had on the financial industry -- which did nothing. Furthermore, the Government can suspend some of its safety and environmental mandates that drive up the prices of cars. And, the car companies could starting building cars that the people want. But, what's accountability for when the Government is standing ready to overlook your failures?