December 13, 2008

Liberals Shivering in the Dark

One of the most dominating feelings for humans is fear. A slight notion of fear is able to destroy a mountain of confidence. As we grow older, we like to think that what we fear less compared to our childhoods. However, if you are a liberal, your fear certainly hasn’t been abated.

One of the most used freedoms by college students is the freedom of speech. Both sides of the ideology readily utilize this freedom. Although everyone is equally entitled to this right, on the majority of college campuses, freedom of speech is a one-way street. Students, professors, and perhaps administrators feel the only way to grow in college is to walk down the liberal path. For this reason, we endure indoctrination from professors, rather than honest education. As well as, we constantly see posters all over campus that bash either Republicans or the President. If we truly desired diversity, we would eagerly welcome the conservative viewpoint. The first reason why liberals fear conservatives is because deep down, they know we’re right. If liberal ideas stood by themselves as truth, why would they worry about having conservative ideas being challenged against them? Nothing defeats truth, unless your position really isn’t truth. Empty platitudes do not provide a strong foundation for any political stance, but out of fear, Liberals hide in these platitudes. The question is, what is it exactly that they are fearing? After exaimining their positions, one can only come to the conclusion that they fear losing power. They want their positions to be forced on everyone so badly that they will lie to gain the power needed to make those positions a reality. You can't force Christianity on people, but feel free to force Global Warming and Environmentalism on us--just asinine.

Another damaging reason why liberals fear conservatives is because, as we saw in the 2004 election, that’s who this country is. And let's not get confused, in 2008, the country didn't show a leaning away from Conservatism because Obama was elected. Remember, McCain was on the ballot, not Conservatism. McCain lost, not Conservatism.

Liberals are a dying breed and the only bastion of hope they have rests in the courts. What they can’t win at the ballot box, they try to win in the courts. Not only elections prove this, but also conservative talk radio. Bill Moyers referred to the Sean Hannity Show as a “freak show of political pornography.” Just a side note, notice that because they know their wrong, all they can do is name call. If liberalism is so attractive, why does Hannity enjoy 418 station-affiliates nation wide but his liberal counterpart, Allan Colmes, enjoys a measly 62? Not to mention our Doctor of Democracy, Rush Limbaugh, and his 22 million plus audience covering 651 stations nation wide. (2005 numbers)

Probably the last reason why liberals fear conservatives is that conservatives run on issues. Liberals have talking points and typical rhetoric that we will hear again in ’06 and ‘08. Rhetoric like “Tax cuts for the rich”; “Seniors will lose benefits”; “Racist, bigot homophobes” and even like the Missouri radio ad that ran in 2000 that said if we elect Republicans, another black church is going to burn. Issues matter to people. When someone presents a clear conservative agenda and takes a stand on issues, he’ll win every time. The reason liberal’s won’t run on issues is because it would be a sure loss. Imagine an honest liberal TV or radio ad.

“I want to raise your taxes. I can spend your money better than you can. I want to kill your babies and I vow never to vote yes on a bill that prohibits abortion but I will vote yes on every bill that protects animals. I believe the criminals need to be understood, not prosecuted. I believe the law abiding should never carry a gun because I want criminals to have more freedom than those that obey the law. I don’t care about our military, nor the Constitution. So, vote for me because I have a plan.”

It is easy to hide behind talking points. If this country really understood a liberal’s position, elections would be no contest. In fact, that is why Limbaugh will move liberal callers to the front of the line and give them more airtime than he gives some of the conservative callers. He wants America to hear their foolishness.
If we didn’t have truth on our side, we’d be fearful too. The quick sands of liberalism have snared most college students into believing a lie, and by believing it, causes them to live in fear. But fear is not the end of the road, with Conservatism, you can live in confidence.

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