February 9, 2010

Black History Month, Part 3: Cultural Diversity

Just a quick thought today --

As the age of political correctness continues its path of destruction through each new generation, I’d like for us to stop and consider something – something that has become mainstream in society but yet, society doesn’t realize its harm. Often, in an attempt to avoid so-called “racial” terminology in describing a person, we are forced into using a more acceptable method. This method seemingly demands us to use ethnic heritage. Therefore, we give terms like Asian-American or African-American to “non-white Americans” so we can have an appeasing way to categorize them.

Thus, the problem festers. By thinking we are being “culturally sensitive”, we are actually destroying our culture. The American culture is simply this: it is the many people from over the years that have populated our land and have sought out their dreams under the bountiful protection of freedom. When I say that I’m an American – what factors determine such a statement? Is it my social status? Is it my racial status? No. Being an American isn’t defined by those terms. Being an American is defined by capturing freedom and holding on for dear life. Being an American is defined by letting my abilities take me as far as I want to go. Being an American is looking around at every other American and realizing that we all are equal under the Law and we all have the same right to succeed.

The problem is, we have become far too ingrained into thinking that the American culture is a culture of ethnic diversity – a living UN if you will. The very reason we have different countries in the world is because different cultures do not mix. We do not need a plurality of cultural influences invading American thought and legislation; which serves nothing more than the give favor to “minorities” and take favor from the “majority” because they’ve had it long enough. America will only survive if we stand firm on the American culture (as defined above.) The idea of an African-American cannot exist in the American culture. It is oxymoronic! You are either African or you are American! If you want to see an end to racism, then quit masquerading race under the guise of pseudo-ethnicity! –just be an American! And, I say “pseudo-ethnicity” because those that claim the title “African-American” weren’t born in African and then migrated to America. They were born in America – which makes them an American.

This way of thinking has even infested our politicians. As an American, I’m not worried about the “black vote” or the “Hispanic vote;” I’m worried about the American vote. It wasn’t diversity that gave us our country. It was uniformity. Yes Libs, it is “One Nation, under God, Indivisible!” It was the urge to press on and defeat the British that gave us the greatest nation in history. It wasn’t the urge for cultural diversity. We pressed forward as one people and only as one people will we survive.

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