February 18, 2010

Local Misery Indices Are Out: No Suprises Here!

And, what do you know! The top 20 most miserable cities in America reside in Democrat controlled counties. The Misery Index was introduced by Economist, Robert Barro in the 1970s. It basically measures unemployment rates and inflation rates. It can be measured on a national level or local level. Forbes has put together the latest for us. I’m sure glad the democrats are for the little guy. These places sure could use them right now!

1. Cleveland, Ohio – Cuyahoga Co, Democrat
2. Stockton, CA – San Joaquin Co, Democrat
3. Memphis, TN – Shelby Co, Democrat
4. Detroit, MI – Wayne Co, Democrat
5. Flint, MI – Genesee Co, Democrat
6. Miami, FL – Miami-Dade Co, Democrat
7. St. Louis, MO – St. Louis City Co, Democrat
8. Buffalo, NY – Erie Co, Democrat
9. Canton, OH – Stark Co, Democrat
10. Chicago, IL – Cook Co, Democrat
11. Modesto, CA – Stanislaus Co, Democrat
12. Akron, Ohio – Summit Co, Democrat
13. Kansas City, Mo – Jackson Co, Democrat
14. Rockford, IL – Winnebago Co, Democrat
15. Toledo, Ohio – Lucas Co, Democrat
16. New York City, NY – Brooklyn, Democrat
17. Sacramento, CA – Sacramento Co, Democrat
18. Youngstown, Ohio – Mahoning Co, Democrat
19. Gary, IN (former murder capital of the world) – Lake Co, Democrat
20. Philadelphia, PA – Philadelphia Co, Democrat

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