November 27, 2009

Science Couldn't Be Wrong!

Just when the majority of the media would crucify you if you didn't accept global warming, this just in! The data supporting Global Warming has just been proven to be junk science; according to the Washington Times ( I do not wish to rehash what the Times has already reported, but merely to make a few observations.

Firstly, let's remember something that is absolutely vital and fundamental to any science. Science follows a certain process known as the scientific method. This method is to make an observation, make hypotheses, test and repeat those tests on the hypotheses, draw a conclusion, submit conclusion for peer review, revision of theory (if necessary), further peer review, and finally, accept/reject the hypotheses. Now, without being present "millions" of years ago, how can scientist test the historic change in the Earth's climate? They weren't there to observe it, nor can they test it. But, never mind that - when a "science" has a political agenda, there is no need to follow any scientific methods. People may argue, "Well, we have these rocks here and based on the properties in the rocks and the radiometric dating, I can conclude that the earth was much cooler 2 million years ago." Sorry, all you can conclude is that it is a rock and its present properties/location. You never observed the entire life of the rock. You can speculate all you want and that's fine - but don't shove it on me as fact!

Secondly, let's talk about this business of peer review. Let me create a scenario: If I have a drunk person and he only associates with other drunks, how often will he get good advice to stop drinking? The same holds true for peer review. If you are submitting your "findings" to those who desperately want Global Warming to be real, what outcome will you get? Do you think you are getting honest academic review of your work? Think again. It is amazing that results are only accepted by these dishonest scientists are the desired results. In other words, they reject anything that would seem to disprove their theory.

Lastly, what does this ultimately mean? For years, we have had our freedoms stripped by way of Government regulations because of the abscess fear of Global Warming. Americans have been preyed upon by "political science." So, now you are being told what kind of car to drive, what time of the day to fill-up your gas tanks; what kind of light bulbs to buy; what kind of washer and drier to buy and so on. Your lives have been taken over by the life-style police in Washington. Do you think Global Warming crowd cares? Of course not. When you are fabricating information, you obviously do not care about truth anyway. So, when it is exposed as a lie, what's their next move? Ignore it and make new lies. The ring leader of this movement is Al Gore. In his new book, he has photoshoped hurricanes on a world map showing the Western Hemisphere. The picture below is of the world with the equator in red. Note which part of South America it runs through (click to enlarge):

Now, note the picture that Al Gore photoshoped below.

See the hurricane at the bottom of the photo? It is sitting right on the equator. Hurricanes cannot happen on the equator! Because of the Coriolis Effect, rotational patterns in water and weather happen differently depending on what side of the equator you are on. This has been famed in which direction your toilet water spins here versus a toilet in Australia. Hurricanes do not form below 5ยบ latitude. Now, the Coriolis Force at the equator is zero. Therefore, a fully developed hurricane could cross the equator and over-power the Coriolis Force, but there hasn't been one in recorded history to do so. So, since Al Gore didn't have any examples of this, he had to make it up and ignore the probabilities against such an occurrence. But, once again, why worry about science when you have an agenda to push.

I would write some more, but I need to go turn on all the lights in my house and leave my sink running.


  1. I have seen enough film footage of disappearing/shrinking polar icecaps and snow caps on mountains to convnce me that the earth IS warming--for whatever reason.

  2. It is interesting that there is a claim that the North Pole is melting. If this is true, it won't affect our ocean levels. The North Pole is floating ice. When liquid water freezes, it expands. Therefore, the displacement of water by the ice is proportional to the ice's mass. If the ice melts, the displaced space will just be filled by the melting water, but actually would be less (since ice is an expanded form in contrast to the liquid form of water).

    Furthermore, there is recent evidence to show that ice in the South Pole is GROWING. So, if the Earth is warming, we would expect to see melting ice in both poles (again, assuming the ice is melting at all).

    Remember, a lot of the video you may see on this is propaganda to further a political agenda. We do not have a record of ice fluctuations in the poles over history. And, the even if we have something over the past 100 years, that isn't an accurate picture for all time.

    There is evidence through glaciations and geology that the Earth experienced an ice age long, long ago. Global Warming believes that after the climate is done shifting, it will eventually produce another ice age. Exactly what man-made carbon emissions caused this thousands of years ago? There is also evidence of an ice-age that happened on Mars...again, by what polluting industry caused this?!


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