November 9, 2009

Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall!

20 years after the Berlin Wall falls, there is a ceremony in Germany, in Berlin. Many world leaders have spoken. The British Prime Minister spoke; the German Chancellor spoke; the French President spoke, the Russian President spoke and the American President spoke. Wait, the American President didn't speak in person, but via pre-recorded video. Hillary Clinton spoke live in his stead. The President of America was too busy to make it to Germany to celebrate this anniversary. Perhaps he wasn't there because he can't stand this anniversary. This anniversary goes against all he stands for. The fall of the Berlin Wall marks complete tragedy for Obama's beliefs. As national health care gets closer and closer, you can bet this will be our Berlin Wall. Unfortunately, Obama and Clinton represented America, but one can't see that spot in Berlin and not feel proud. We know Reagan was there tonight, standing with the people of Germany. Reagan's Legacy will forever be stamped on the hearts of Americans, but also on the hearts of Germans.

Listen to the voice of freedom:

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