December 25, 2009

Another Backhand to America

Another nail in the coffin of freedom and liberty was fastened tight as the Senate approved their version of the health bill. reports that Congress will be enjoying their holiday break after this "exhausting" work. Yeah, it can take a lot out of you to strip the American people of freedom and to increase their taxes. You guys do deserve a break -- a break from office altogether. I'm telling you, folks--Americans will only take so much until they begin to fight back. Congress isn't representing America right now. They are representing their own self-desires and political careers. Typical Democrat ploy - offer a handout to get more votes. This handout is supposed to be a measure of compassion...but, those that take these handouts are still there to take the next one. These handouts just keep people poor. And, the sad part is, many impoverished people can't resist. Thus the representation we have in Congress. If you teach people that they are to rely on the Government and then they hear the Government promising handouts, what do you think the outcome is going to be?

Come on 2010! Let's take back Congress and let's impeach Obama for blatantly ignoring his Presidential Oath to "...preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the United States..." You certainly aren't preserving it by bypassing it to get health care passed. You certainly aren't protecting it by pretending it doesn't exist. And, you certainly aren't defending it because that would require you to vote against your own plans. Don't be fooled by this impostor. He will talk to you as if he is the smartest guys in the world because he thinks you are too stupid to catch on that he's a phony.

Let's hope the Supreme Court will bat this one down as unconstitutional...and that's a big hope...

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