July 23, 2010

What A Shock

According to the New York Times, our modern day Communist Manifesto, days after Iraq took over, there was a prison break of top Islamo-fascists.  The operative question is why where they alive to escape?  But, there is a deeper issue with this.  The Iraqis didn't fight for their freedom and then will within themselves to establish a democratic nation.  Their freedom has handed to them and "democracy" was handed to them.  You can't hand someone freedom without accompanying it with responsibility.  And, you can't hand someone democracy.  The idea that we are spreading democracy is a farce.  We don't even have democracy here!  How can we spread it?! 

But, I maintain that democracy is something that not be passed along - it has to be bought and preserved.  I've often said that no country in the world will last as a democracy unless it has our Constitution.  Why?  Our Constitution is the only governing document that tells the Government what it can and cannot do.  It isn't for the Government to tell the people what to do.  The freedom to vote and speak and live will fall by the way side if there is nothing there to under gird it.  The Iraqi people need to find that common spark that unites them and buy democracy and sell it not.  This would ultimately mean divorcing their religion from their government...which we know they will not do.  Therefore, to stay there to "build democracy" is pointless. 


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