August 22, 2010

Democrats Still Running Against Bush

In the midst of this summery of recovery and as Obama enjoys yet another vacation from his tough job of communizing the country, the DNC has put out an ad.  Is the ad featuring the accomplishments of the past few years?  No - because if they ran on their "accomplishments" it would guarantee a landslide for the GOP and/or all Tea Partiers.  It is an ad that shows America, fruitful and back to work.  Then, the ad ends with a message of a choice between the Democrats and the GOP.  But, it isn't just the GOP, it is the GOP as associated with George W. Bush.  Yes, 2 years after Bush, the Democrats must reach back into the archives and try push the country towards the democrats because they believe that America hated Bush.  Remember, the media hated Bush and Bush's approval numbers dropped when he starting pushing an agenda that wasn't conservative. (i.e. not securing the boarder, etc.)

This is the same old playbook - they can't run on their accomplishments so attack Bush.  But, in the spirit of fairness, perhaps it would be good to design an ad that portrays Democrat's accomplishments.

"Hello, I'm Nancy Pelosi.  Ever since I became Speaker of the House, I've been hard at work to help change America.  We've destroyed the health care industry.  Now, not only will have you have to wait an extra hour in the waiting room, but you'll also have to draw straws to see who actually gets to see the doctor.  We've brutally punished the financial industry for simply doing what we forced them to do.  Rest assured they will no longer be able to ruin our economy - we'll keep doing that for them.  Hey, and how about that unemployment number?!  The problem is that silly Americans don't need to worry about work.  By the time we're done with this country, everyone will rely on the Government.  In fact, we are taking measures right now to take the words Freedom and Liberty out of the American vocabulary.  Remember us this November, because together, we can make even Europe look conservative."  (paid for by you, the American taxpayer)


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