October 16, 2010

Aww, Libs Find It Unfair

Apparently some folks in Colorado became uptight about a billboard that was depicting Obama in various forms.  Here is the billboard:

Image: Billboard depicting President Barack Obama as a suicide bomber, a gangster, a Mexican bandit and a gay

Democrat, Martelle Daniels, of Colorado, finds the sign "racist" and "homophobic."  As we know, she could have just used the word " Republican" to mean the same thing, since that's what we are to them.  What's racist about this photo?  Is it because it has a black man on it?  If that's the reason, then take down any pictures of MLK too!  Is it racist because it is showing various types of people?  Is it racist because....you fill in the blank.  The only thing that's racist about this whole picture is the fact that someone finds it racist.  Racism in America is alive and well and it still holds its throne within the Democrat Party. 

Paul Snover, the artist behind the billboard, states the billboard will not come down until after the mid-term elections.

Now, where was the Democrat outrage over these??


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