March 15, 2010

Reform, A Brief Thought

Obama is screaming for health care reform and reform of the health care industry.  Chris Dodd, one who paved the way for our financial crisis, is now demanding that we reform Wall Street.  Allow me to translate this for you.  Being tri-lingual (English, German, and Liberal) I'm able to translate these campaign slogans into every day English.  "Health care reform" = Government runs health care.  "Wall Street reform" = Government runs Wall Street.  So, these evil, big capitalistic companies that give evil large bonuses to their CEOs will now be ran by benevolent big Government; who votes on their own pay raises and spends your money, not because you bought a good or service from them, but because they stole it through your taxes.  Yes, reform is what we need!  (maniacally giggling like Gargamel).  

Here's a thought.  In this era of reform, how about we reform the real gluttonous beast called Government?  Government wouldn't be so confusing nor expensive if we just let the Constitution determine what it does.  Amendment 10 to the US Constitution says that powers not granted within the Constitution to the Federal Government are reserved to the States.  Period.  I'm sure I'll miss a few (since there are so many), but let's list some of this Federal "cellulitis".

1.  Department of Education  (63.7 Billion (
2.  Department of Agriculture (133 pages of PMS bloating
3.  Department of Transportation (73.25 Billion
4.  Department of Homeland Security (55.1 Billion

You can read the full list of Federal Departments and Agencies here:

I'm not saying that everything on this list needs to go (obviously Military and Defense items, etc. need to stay).

Where is the outrage over the Government's out-of-control lifestyle?  Where is the demand for reform?  Well, I believe come November, we will see some immediate reform in the seats of Congress.  But, just because they have an R by their name doesn't mean anything (thank you Newt Gingrich).  We must hold them to Conservative principles of limited government and maximizing of personal freedoms and liberties.  Obama wants the Iron Curtain to rule over this country.  Let's be sure to stop that come November!

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