March 9, 2010

Health Care At Any Cost

This is unbelievable.  Read the article for a quick temper boost.

Obama was upset because private health insurers have recently raised their rates.  Guess what, Obama - it's none of your concern; they are PRIVATE health insurers.  If people don't want to pay their rates, then they go down the street to the next guy.  But, perhaps this is just a strategic move by the health insurers knowing that once pre-existing conditions are gone, they will have to insure any and all, and thereby, requiring to raise rates to be able to pay for all of it.  Therefore, to recoup this cost, they must raise rates...which is what I've been saying all along (,  Obama thinks his policies will have no ramifications on private business.  But, we clearly see it is beginning to happen.

So, Obama opens his speech with another sob-story.  I doubt the validity of this and question how much she was paid to lie to the crowd.  But, this woman is purportedly a diabetic and was just informed by the evil health insurance company she has that her rates would "more than double."  First of all, the trade off of what she is paying verses what the insurance is paying is still working in her favor.  Secondly, what are the details of such a rate increase?  Are there specifications in her policy that would allow for rate increases if certain criteria are met?  Is this another case of someone not reading their policy before agreeing to it?!  Lastly, Obama is using typical Liberal tactics by avoiding objective, analytical facts and going straight for the "emotional jugular."

Obama goes on to say (quoted from the article) "The price of health care is one of the most punishing costs for families, businesses and our government," Obama said. "The insurance companies continue to ration health care. ... That's the status quo in America, and it's a status quo that's unsustainable"

What?!  The price of health care is a punishing cost to the government?  And he wants the government to run it?!  Who funds the government anyway?  WE DO with our taxes!  So, if health care is a punishing cost to the government, then Obama will have to RAISE TAXES to ease the pain of this so-called punishment.  Don't be fooled.  Obama is "concerned" about the rising cost of health care, but he isn't concerned about the rising taxes since he took office; he isn't concerned about the rising deficit.  What makes you think he is all concerned about the costs of health care?

Furthermore, "The insurance companies continue to ration health care."  Two things about this: is it possible for a company to "ration" its services because they only have a certain amount of money?  But, Obama here is committing fraud to the American people.  He is giving the idea that companies are turning away people left and right and that's not what America is about.  Obama - you run Medicare.  You run Medicaid.  You run Social Security.  How many are turned down for Medicare and Medicaid benefits?!  How many that file for Social Security disability are turned down - and they actually have a viable disability?!  Notice how Obama never tries to explain how government-run health care will be different than these three behemoths of waste.

I'll end with this: Obama responds to GOP criticisms that this plan (nearly $1 trillion) doesn't have any breaks on spending.  Obama's response: "You had 10 years.  What were you doing?"  Ok, 57-states, 1994 to 2006 isn't 10 years, it's 12.  What were they doing?!  They were passing tax-cuts for Americans - that's right, giving us our money back.  They were fighting off the destruction of the Clinton Administration.  They had 9/11 to deal with.  They passed Welfare Reform that limits the amount of time a citizen can be on the program.  So, Obama, like the little brat in the store who doesn't get candy, stands up and says, "Fine.  Since you didn't take any initiative to do this, I will.  Screw you, America!  I'm going to cost your children and grandchildren trillions of dollars because the GOP did nothing for health care.  Yeah, how do you like me now?  What choice do you think I had?" 

In an unrelated story, Scoliosis claims have risen in the US due to added weight and pressure of Hope and Change.

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