November 9, 2008

Be It Resolved

The Standards of this Blog:

(If there are any positions not covered that you feel are important, feel free to ask for my position and I will post it)

1. The Federal Government was designed to govern this country, but with limited powers. The duty of the Federal Government is to protect the citizens of which it governs and to enact laws that keep the infrastructure of our nation in working order. At no time is it the Federal Government's duty to enact laws that infringe upon our freedoms, nor to operate as a life-style police force. The Federal Government is to work for us, not over us. As government expands, liberty contracts.

2. The United States Constitution was a document designed not for the government to limit the people, but for the people to limit the government. The Bill of Rights contains the ten most basic rights of all law-abiding American citizens. The document is not living; it doesn't evolve to our ever changing public policy wants and philosophical interpretations.

3. Taxes are too high. Americans should be allowed to keep as much of their hard-earned money as possible. It is not the duty of government to decide what you can and cannot do with your money. Taxes exist to provide the government with the funds necessary to carry out necessary services. People making 100k a year shouldn't pay a higher tax percentage than someone who makes 10k a year. When taxes are high, it discourages investments and the incentive to achieve financial success. The answer for higher taxes is a tax cut. Economy's rise and fall based on the amount of money consumers have to use. If you take away their spending/investing power, you take away the economy's ability to thrive. If you tax businesses, you are really taxing the people. A business will just increase their prices for their goods/services to cover the increase in taxes. Who pays for these services? We do--businesses do not pay higher taxes, we do with each purchase.

4. The Sanctity of Life should be respected and cherished. Our founding fathers understood that we all have the right to "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." Abortion denies those rights. I believe Life begins at conception. Whether you believe life begins there or later in the pregnancy, abortion still robs a person of the right to Life.

5. The Courts are to exhibit blind justice. The duty of the courts is to rule on the legality of law, not make them. Judges should not be biased towards a political bent. Judges should be biased towards the Constitution and the Rule of Law.

6. The Environmental Movement is an out-and-out attack on Free Market Capitalism. Let me be clear, I believe we should be good stewards with what we have been entrusted with; but, it isn't Washington's duty to come to my house and tell my air is too dirty nor that my water isn't clean enough. The Environment isn't fragile. It has survived thousands of years of volcanic eruptions that spew large amount of gases into our atmosphere. It is our choice if we want to live in a dirty environment.

7. Free Market Capitalism is the only form of economics that encourages success and gives the inspiration to work. The Market should be given the tools to regulate itself through the concepts of Supply and Demand. The Federal Government will only hinder an economy when it feels like it must impose itself on the Market - i.e. the Bailout of '08. Being able to sharpen your abilities and talents and seeing how high they will take you is part of the true American dream. Free Market Capitalism is also the only economic system that puts reliance in self, not in the government. Socialism and Communism place the government at the head of the economy, and therefore, the people have no control over the economy's growth. A government that thinks you are not smart enough to handle your own money is a government that wants to enslave you to their wishes.

8. A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

9. Immigration is fine as long as it is done legally. Anyone who ignores the sovereignty of our nation should be immediately deported. The very fact we have people who are willing to defend our border is a testament to the American spirit. The very basic role of government is to protect its citizens, which means securing the boarder. Amnesty is NEVER an option.

10. Education is the responsibility of the States. The Federal Department of Education has no Constitutional authority to be in existence and should be shut down. Furthermore, more money doesn't equate to better education. Schools need better education and educators. Teachers also need to have support from the parents. Schools should teach the subjects to prepare the students for further education, not for some Federal Test. In a perfect world, there would be no school districts and the schools would operate in the Market. If a business is bad, customers go elsewhere for business. The good businesses thrive and the poor businesses close down--the same with schools. Let competition dictate the best product, not Federal Bureaucrats.

11. Health care should be the responsibility of each person. It is not the government duty to provide health care for the citizens. The more competition is allowed in health and the less governmental regulation that exists, the more affordable health care would be. If you eliminate the concept of preexisting conditions, you can expect insurance companies to raise their rates astronomically. Countries that have socialized medicine have poor services, long waiting lines, and often their citizens find their medications elsewhere. Is health care important? Yes--but as responsible citizens, it is our job to provide health care for ourselves.

12. The United Nations is a colossal waste of space. The UN should be kicked out of this country and America should withdraw its membership.

13. Foreign Policy should encompass the initial reason for government-to protect its citizens. It is not the duty of America to police the world. When America was strangled by tyranny, it fought back and won independence from England. When other countries are under the oppression of tyranny, they need to fight back, not expect America to come to the rescue. America should lead by example. America should defend its citizen. As we saw in the Cold War, we can achieve peace through strength.

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