November 22, 2008

What's In A Name?

As young kids, our parents, at least for most of us, were committed to teach us right from wrong. As we grew older, the dependency we required from our parents had lessened, thus made a breeding ground for possible rebellion. One of the first ways kids rebel, assuming they are not following their parents’ example, is by the kind of language they use. How daring and cool it was to use bad language amongst friends, but quickly straighten up while walking back in the house. Swearwords induce negative connotations. Unfortunately, many on the left in this country find America to be a swearword because they don’t believe in America’s greatness. However, for America, what meanings does she carry? Through the context of time, does America qualify as a swearword?

Over taxed, under represented, and virtually depraved of rights, the Colonists rose up and fought the greatest power on the earth at that time. The best army in the world could not quench the colonists burning desire for freedom—a lesson that oppressed people in the world today should learn. Then in Yorktown, 1783, the Colonists proudly declared their victory. The United States of America was born. When the spark of freedom touches the souls of people, nothing can contain that raging fire. Sacrifice freed us from the King of England; freedom freed us to govern ourselves. Now, freedom’s march brought us to the year 1787. The US Constitution was written; an ingenious document, unmatched throughout history. This Constitution, drafted by statesmen, now ridiculed by politicians, was an accomplishment worthy of pride.

From 1812 through 1918, this country saw many great events, shaping her forever. In 1824, we remember the Alamo. In 1865, the US Civil War was brought to an end at Appomattox Court House, Virginia. The Nation was now whole again, but with a greater achievement. The 13th through 15th Amendments now recognized freed slaves as citizens. In 1898, we remember the Maine; sunk, starting the Spanish-American War. The Oil monopoly enjoyed by Rockefeller was brought to an end in 1911, leading the way in business reform. In 1917, the US entered WWI to fight the enemies of freedom, and the only reward for most was death by mustard gas. We remember the mass graves opened, holding innocent life murdered even as we remember the fall of Nazi Germany. We remember the Arizona, now docked at the bottom of Pearl Harbor. Today, we hear an ungrateful France, ignoring the American cemeteries at Normandy, as they ridicule us for spreading freedom. We’ve witnessed the home going of one of freedoms greatest soldiers. After two terms, Ronald Reagan ended the Cold War and rebuilt American pride. Moreover, because of his efforts, Germany stands united today. When he declared, “Mr. Gorbechev, tare down this wall!” freedom’s spark set a fire ablaze in the souls of Germans as they cheered Reagan.

America, a swearword?—hardly. This nation has been the shining city upon the hill. Many flock here, exchanging tyranny for freedom. Communism murdered people, who even though thousands of miles away, saw Lady Liberty’s torch and hungered to be here. How much more therefore, should we appreciate the last best hope of man on earth, America?

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