September 19, 2009

Health Care Bill

As talks keep rising of national health care, I wish to expose what this Bill is all about. This Bill is about shutting down the private insurance industry and forcing Americans to be solely reliant on the Federal Government. On page 168 of 1017 of the health care bill (read it here: )
it says there will be a tax imposed on people who do not meet "acceptable health coverage" requirements. In other words, people who opt out of taking Government health care are going to be taxed. Don't be naive to think they will count private insurance as "acceptable coverage." This is the Government we are talking about! By the way, this Bill is 1017 pages long. Why? And do you think the people that will vote "yes" have actually read it from cover to cover?! No! But that doesn't matter--we're giving "health care" to all citizens. When in fact, we already have health care for all citizens and non-citizens! According to an employ from the Department of Homeland Security, we can't ask if an alien is illegal or not. Therefore, "citizenship" is now an afterthought and no longer means anything.

Is it just me, or does anyone else see what these people are doing to our country?!

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