October 10, 2009

Alfred Nobel's Name Laid to Waste

"to those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind"

Alfred Nobel, as stated above, wished this award to be given to the one who gave the greatest benefit on mankind during that year. This expectation was established in his will in 1895. It was a monetary award, initially designed to be given in the areas Chemistry and Physics, Medical Science, Literature, and Peace. It was first awarded in 1901. This award wasn't designed to be a flippant reward of cultural defamation. However, we now know that this Prize is as valuable as the stocks of October 29th, 1929.

After much deliberation and evaluation with the highest of academic integrity, the Norwegian counsel decided to award Barack Obama with the Nobel Peace Prize. The counsel justified their decision by stating it is because of Obama's "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples." What efforts are they referring to exactly? To strengthen international diplomacy, all one needs to do is to promise not to defend yourself through war. Today, a strengthened international diplomatic atmosphere translates into a weak America. Unfortunately, that is how it is perceived in the media. Ronald Reagan had it right when he pushed for diplomacy by believing peace was achieved through strength. Hence the results of the Cold War. --You know that section of American History your teacher glosses over because they can't wait to skip ahead to the Clinton's? Obama has done nothing but to make America weak. During the Bush Administration, America's imaged was propagandized as negative by the media. And, from that, our congressmen decided to jump on the bandwagon and begin to criticize America. At least now they have their wish. Unemployment is still rising, despite what Ben Bernanke claims about the "end" of the recession. America has no vision and no leadership to take us there. Ronald Reagan marched America forward to be that shining city on a hill. Obama just seeks to make excuses and apologies to the rest of the world.

Now that the Nobel Prize is worthless, it won't be long until other sacred awards/medals become worthless. We could give Jack Murtha a Medal of Honor. We could give John Kerry a Purple Heart...oh wait, we did (which he later burned if you remember.) We could give Michael Moore a Presidential Citation for bravery. Why stop with the Nobel Prize?--just trash them all! But, through it all, rest assured, even with the millions of dollars Obama has, what ever amount this Prize affords him, his brother in the dirt hut won't see a penny of it. Wow. So deserving of this award he is.

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