October 31, 2009

Why Don't We Learn?!

To keep a promise, Obama has released a list of visitors that will be accompanying him at the White House. He wants his administration to be the most transparent in history. He says that every American has the right to know what is going on inside the White House. However, in typical Saddam Hussein fashion, you know Obama will move the evidence of what is going on to a secret spot. Obama's assertion is that every other administration before him has had a closed-door policy about what goes on inside the White House. His further assertion is that because of
these so-called "closed door" policies, that everything that was done was done if ill-intent. Therefore, if we open up the white house doors and throng the people throughout the building, Obama feels he will gain more trust from the American citizens. (Note: he doesn't believe his policies will create trust from Americans or he'd have an open door policy on them as well).

When Obama was sworn in, he called on all government agencies to err on the side of openness and release information
whenever possible, which directly contradicts orders by the previous administration to look for reasons to withhold information whenever possible. Just because you have the legal right to withhold information, doesn’t mean you should..."

This was the policy of the Clinton Administration. Military secrets aren't secrets! Just sell them to the Chinese! How about erring on the side of caution and common sense?! Thanks to this policy, you can
expect our enemies to always be one step ahead of us. All news outlets will be projecting everything as Obama sits naively in the Oval Office. Well, actually I wouldn't call it naivety - he knows exactly what he's doing. He hates America so badly that he wants to strangle it into submission. His economic policies were just the start. Now, he wants everyone to have information, whether they should have it or not. "Just because you have the legal right to withhold information, doesn't mean you should." Right!! Just because the information you have might cause the deaths of thousands is no reason to withhold it. Share! Be open about it!

The flag of openness and sharing is the white flag. After surrender, you are completely vulnerable to the enemies wishes. I'm afraid the white flag is now flying above the white house.

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