October 17, 2009

All Too Easy

They can't write this stuff any better!

New Orleans mayor, Ray "full competence" Nagin visits Cuba to learn how to deal with storms. It has only been a few years since hurricane Katrina sacked and pillaged New Orleans; and it
has only been a few years since Nagin did absolutely nothing to help his people. He quickly blamed the Bush Administration for not acting quickly enough - which begs the question Ray, if you think the Fed is in control of everything, then step down from being mayor - your position is worthless.

Nagin wishes to see how the Cubans deal with their storms. Nagin, once again, throws common sense into the slammer in favor of being lead by the seeing eye-dog of ignorance. "I wonder what these people do when it rains really hard?" he probably ponders while sipping on a mixed drink purchased by those ransacked tax payers. His mind stammers on, "Back home, we just open an umbrella and hope it doesn't get windy. Shoot, I don't know! Hurricanes. Thunderstorms. Earthquakes. We're all going to get wet somehow." But, to top it off, Obama shows up in New Orleans and gives a speech. Obama has been versed in Meteorology and begins to give an expose on hurricanes.

"And (in) the days after it did, this nation and all the world bore witness to the fact that the damage from Katrina was not caused just by a disaster of nature, but also by a breakdown of government, that government wasn’t adequately prepared and we didn’t appropriately respond.”

The damage from Katrina (naturally occurring hurricane) was caused by a breakdown in government?! WHAT?!?!? How is this guy taken seriously?! A government breakdown caused the hurricane damage? Heck, if China's government ever breaks down, the continent of Asia will just sink into the ocean. Yeah, makes sense. The government that didn't appropriately respond what Nagin's government that ignored the warnings from the White House days prior and refused to do anything about getting their people out. Nagin dropped the ball and his people lost their lives. I'm not one for name calling, but this whole story reeks of idiocy.

New Orlean's neighbor, Mississippi, didn't seem to suffer from the same government inadequacies. So, Katrina's damaged was caused a strategic strike of government breakdown? Thank heavens that Louisiana doesn't fully suffer from such incompetence. Governor Bobby Jindal will lead that state into a brighter tomorrow.

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