October 20, 2009

This Would Be Easier If You'd Just Stay Still!


The DNC, despite the economy, is expected to bring in about 3 million dollars tonight at an Obama centered fund raiser. In the remarks Obama will say tonight, he will state, "But we as a country should never again be faced with such a potential calamity because of the reckless speculation and deceptive practices of a short-sighted and self-interested few." Does this mean only Conservatives will be in office from now on? Come on, Obama, I expect you to keep your promise...yeah right!

You can't put restrictions on the Market. If you restrict the Market, the Market cannot function and thus you are left with a Government ran economy. The Market, by nature, will take care of itself. It will weed out bad business on its own. We don't need the all-stealing-hand of Government to "fix" the Market.

Obama will go on to say tonight, "So if there are folks from the industry here tonight, I ask you to join with us in passing what are necessary reforms; don’t fight them. It’s important for our country. And in the long run, it will be good for your industry to have a level playing field in which everyone knows the rules " Don't fight what the Government is doing! Just lay back and take it! Take the higher taxes; take the unconstitutional regulations; take the communism! By the way, everyone knowing the rules doesn't equate a level playing field. It may equate a level starting point, but the playing field will never be level because each of us have our own abilities and talents that will take us in different directions; and cause us to reach for different goals. All a level playing field is to Obama is another way to gain control for his "self-interest few." But, I guess this is the hope for change everyone wanted.

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