January 16, 2010

1 Down, 4 To Go

Just days after my 2010 predictions hit the blog, we have some fulfillment. Here is a brief recap of the 5 predictions made:

1. Universal Health Care will finally be agreed upon in both houses of Congress and will be sent to the President's desk by the summer.

2. Republicans will take back both houses of Congress in November.

3. We will sustain more terrorist attack plots like we did in 2009. With some happening while the terrorism trials take place in NYC.

4. Obama will further his plans to develop his own Waffen SS

5. If Health Care passes, these grass roots tea parties will put heavier pressure on the Government, in so much as we may see skirmishes break out.

#4 is our winner today! See my post on the Federalization of the National Guard (http://theconservativeanthem.blogspot.com/2010/01/more-chains-from-obama.html)

Concerning #2, don't expect the media to report on the attitude of the country. They will report what they want you to believe in hopes of swaying your vote. This country is angry! This Congress isn't off the hook yet!

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