January 4, 2010

2010 Predictions

As most are making resolutions that will be forgotten by February, I'd like to venture down the crystal ball road and try to pinpoint some things that I believe will happen this year. We'll reconvene in December to see how well I do.


1. Universal Health Care will finally be agreed upon in both houses of Congress and will be sent to the President's desk by the summer.

2. Republicans will take back both houses of Congress in November.

3. We will sustain more terrorist attack plots like we did in 2009. With some happening while the terrorism trials take place in NYC.

4. Obama will further his plans to develop his own Waffen SS

5. If Health Care passes, these grass roots tea parties will put heavier pressure on the Government, in so much as we may see skirmishes break out.

At any rate, we have 1 year down and 3 to go. Obama wants to fundamentally change America - change the America that has given him his opportunity. I know I repeat this, but look how he treats his own family. His brother still lives in a hut in Africa. Do you think he really cares about the wellbeing of Americans?! Don't kid yourself. He's a typical communist - as long as he's sitting pretty, who cares what condition the rest of the country is in. I'm telling you, the American people won't tolerate this for ever. Mark my words.

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