January 19, 2010

Another Victory For The Americans

Victory in Massachusetts! Scott Brown-R will take the Senate seat recently vacated by Ted "I'm surprised I still have a liver" Kennedy. This senate seat has been in the stocks for close to 60 years now but today freedom is granted and the seat is liberated. However, don't think this puts us on easy street. The attitude from the White House is to "double down" and work harder to "get things done."

Here's what we can expect in the coming days:

1. The Senate will try to push health care through without seating Scott Brown - which is against Senate rules and the Constitution.

2. Obama will expect political suicide in exchange for ultimate loyalty in him. Many of these Democrats know they want to get elected again this November and would normally start to move toward the "center" of the political spectrum. However, Obama, like many other dictators, will demand allegiance to him, even if it means losing their seat in Congress.

3. Obama is progressively getting angrier and will, like with the banks and the insurance companies, begin to take out his anger on the private sector yet again in attempts to render them obsolete.

4. Maybe not now, but don't be surprised if more democrats jump ship and join the republican party - although, I hope the republicans will not allow them to join without platform adherence.

But, let's just enjoy the moment - tyranny is now one fewer seat strong.

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