January 21, 2010

Conservatism: The Choice Is Obvious

Throughout life, we as humans try to align ourselves with philosophies and ideologies that will identify us or at least help to mold what we really believe. Often religion and political/social views are the key factors in self-identification. Many grow up believing what they do because of the influence of their parents. Others’ beliefs stem from personal conviction or from the fear of being unpopular. Concerning the political aspects of our lives, why is it important to establish who you are and what you believe in? Do you find it interesting that Conservatives are incorrectly branded as hate-mongers but yet still stand up for what they believe in; and yet, Liberals, when shown for who they are and what they believe in, run from the title and try to hide under the auspices of “moderate” or “progressive.” Like cockroaches in a sudden burst of light, Liberals scamper off to find some dark corner to hide in while Conservative plant the flag of liberty firmly in the ground. Why is it great to be a Conservative? Allow me to illuminate who we are and what we believe in.

There are some clear reasons why people, even such as I, choose to be a Conservative. Certain fundamental items are important to every Conservative. These items are his foundation, his boundaries, and his freedom. When building a political/social foundation upon which to stand, Conservatives want a firm foundation. Conservatism is grounded in truth and facts. Truth is absolute. Facts remain unchanged throughout time. If truth is not absolute, then it is not possible to take a defendable stand on anything. Conservatives have no problem exclaiming who they are because when you’ve got the facts on your side, and you are reasonably well-armed with them, you have nothing to fear. Situational relativism is at the heart of Liberalism. Other than the typical Socialism that is offered by Liberalism, we often have no idea where Liberalism stands on anything. And, since the media has granted immunity to the Left, they are never held accountable for their “changing” positions. Don’t be fooled, however. These position changes are nothing more than twisting the facts based on the scenario they are facing in an all out effort to secure more votes. To be a Conservative is to know that truth stands when feelings betray us.

The second fundamental item of Conservatives is that they believe in self-reliance and personal accountability. Many today believe that the influence of other people forces them to behave, or not. All the influence the world has to offer can be placed upon each and every one of us, but we ultimately make the final choice of action. We are responsible for our actions, not society. Liberalism blames someone or something else for their problems. For example, McDonald’s is responsible for obesity and hot coffee spills (because coffee is usually cold); guns are responsible for murders; video games are responsible for violence; Capitalism is responsible for greed; Big Tobacco is responsible for teen smoking…and so on. Blaming everyone and everything else for our problems, breeds irresponsibility—and let’s set the record straight. It’s irresponsibility with food causes obesity; irresponsibility with human life causes murders; irresponsibility to self-control causes violence; irresponsibility with the desire for money that causes greed; irresponsibility of the individual to engage in smoking prior to the legal age. Liberalism believes in a victimhood driven society. Conservatism believes in the individual. Self-reliance and accountability, when we subject ourselves to them, they keep us in check legally, morally, politically, and socially.

Furthermore, self-reliance allows us to take our abilities and talents and see how far we can succeed in life. The Left portrays success as an evil hoarding of money by the few in society that have it. By the way, as of the numbers available from 2007, 7 of the top 10 richest senators pledge their allegiance to the Left. (http://insidertrading.procon.org/viewresource.asp?resourceID=001580). In reality, the policies of the Left stifle success and create more poverty than promoting people use their talents to achieve as much success as life will grant. Conservatives champion the individual and what the individual brings to the table.

The first fundamental is a firm foundation. The second fundamental is a set of boundaries. Finally, the third fundamental is the catalyst, freedom. One of the most precious things to any human is freedom. Without freedom, humans are bound and enslaved to the wishes and desires of the few elite that rule them (as we are experiencing more and more under das Obama Reich.) Liberalism constricts freedom and stifles achievement, thereby putting the power in the few elite—like Nazism. Conservatives treasure personal individual freedoms. Through this freedom, one can achieve anything as far as one’s imagination and capabilities can take them. I am a Conservative because I am free to be as successful as I want to be. I do not have to worry about being told what to do, or having my hand held through life. Conservatism ensures such freedom and that it will prevail because the iron bars and heavy chains of liberalism are no match for the soul that is set ablaze by the spark of freedom.

I’m a Conservative for the three fundamentals I’ve written about. Nobody in their right mind wishes to be babysat their entire life by Liberalism. Conservatism opens the door to humans yearning to reach their potential, while Liberalism hands you a tax bill then slams the door shut. History has proven it: Conservatism is responsible for the better life that America offers.

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  1. Well done. I could not agree more. I actually cannot see how anyone who would read this could not agree with it...other than for the sake of argument.


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