January 14, 2010

Lock and Load

Ever heard of Glouchester City, New Jersey? Neither have I…but it’s one of the small town news outlets reporting on the US Agreement to a UN Gun-Ban


Here’s the NRA’s position


Here is the UN’s response (do you trust them to be honest? Do you trust the organization that praises Ahmadinejad and Chavez to be honest?!)


Either way, no matter if it is on a global level or a local level, whenever there are talks of “arms control” to “thwart crime” it only means one thing: disarming the victims. Criminals will always have guns. More gun laws have no effect on criminals because they don’t care about the law anyway (that’s why they are criminals). But, law-abiding citizens will follow the law – so you take the guns out of their hands, and they are sitting ducks.

Here is something else that is interesting. An anti-gun state senator found out just how beneficial guns can be:


Here is a post from July of 2009. It gives a quick overview of the fallacy of gun control.

The US Senate this past week (Week of July 20th, 2009) couldn't even pass a bill that will allow right-to-carry across state lines. I'm not sure why we are wasting time on this since the 2nd Amendment already exists--there's your right-to-carry. But, since the Supreme Court has been allowed to legislate from the bench, we shouldn't be surprised the 2nd Amendment isn't recognized as a basic right of the people. Let's take a few minutes and examine the myths posed by the anti-gun crowd.

Myth: If everyone had guns, crime/gun-related crime will increase.
Truth: Criminals don't obey laws. That's why they're criminals in the first place. Gun laws only remove the self-defense ability of the law-abiding and makes them sitting ducks for criminals. Look at cities that have the strictest of gun laws and their gun-related crime is the highest in the nation. Now, look at cities that have little to no gun laws and their gun-related crime rates are very low. (See the NRA's report on Right-to-Carry with stats and figures supplemented by the FBI http://www.nraila.org/Issues/factsheets/read.aspx?ID=18)

Myth: If we had guns in the home, we would have more accidental murders.
Truth: I love this one -- accidental murders? Murder is PREMEDITATED by definition. You can't accidentally premeditate something. Furthermore, there is no evidence to support this. In cities that have fewer gun laws, you'd expect to find more of these homicides, but we don't. But, this also means that guns carry responsibility. Accidents will happen-with guns, with knives, with trampolines, with firecrackers - should we ban all of these as well?

Myth: Guns promote violence.
Truth: Violence promotes violence. A gun can't think or act on its own. The very existence of a gun doesn't cause one to be violent. How many guns existed during the violence of the middle ages? How many guns existed during the Greek and Roman empires and their conquests? None, exactly. No matter what the "tool" is that is used in a waring fashion, the tool didn't cause the violence, the person wielding it did. "But if the tool wasn't available, then the person wouldn't have used it." OK flapjack, then you have stiff penalties for intentional misuse of the tool. Remember, if the tool wasn't available, you couldn't defend your sorry carcass from an intruder in your home. Good luck swinging a bat in the dark when the gunman is 10 feet away and in one pull of the trigger you're spitting gum out through your forehead.

Myth: If we totally outlawed guns, we wouldn't have this problem.
Truth: Guns would still exist in the black markets and would still be used by criminals--again, they don't care what the law says. This is the same logic that would have to agree that the "illegalization" of drugs has removed all drugs from this country. Faulty logic can't stand up to the evidence!

Myth: Only police and law enforcement should carry guns.
Truth: There isn't enough to protect each individual. It is my right to bear arms so I can remain a free citizen and not a subject of the government.

Remember, we rose up and fought of the greatest military of its day during the Revolution. If our Government becomes that oppressive again, without guns, we have no way of stopping it. Don't be naive--it can happen here just as it does around the world.


  1. Guns cause crime like flies cause garbage and forks cause obesity!

  2. Excellent point, AV! You've opened the door to a greater issue which is that of individual responsibility. Today's culture is one of pushing the blame on anyone or anything to keep the guilty innocent. Once you've eliminated the need for personal responsibility, what point is there to being a good citizen? If it's always someone else's fault, then do what you want!

    But, for those of us who do not live in a world of gum drops and puppy dog kisses, reality demands us to have personal responsibility. If you shot someone, was it the gun's fault? No! It was yours!

    See future post on what it means to be a Conservative and read about how we champion self-reliance and personal accountability.


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